Anonymous said: Sex?


Anonymous said: Gay is not an offensive term. I think it's rude that the anons think that you're being rude by using the term. And it frustrates me when they use big words they clearly used the thesaurus for and think that their arguments are actually well structured and have a point, when in reality they come across as incredibly naive and ignorant. They are clearly very young but that shouldn't excuse their obliviousness. Their arrogance makes me want to spew. Love your blog.

Thank you. :)

Anonymous said: Your blogs existence is irrelevant because they are all straight. Just accept it. There are enough cute gay guys, don't try to take the straight ones too.

What do you mean by “take” them?

Anonymous said: So.. Is it true they are gay? I think thats cuteeee, #imagine being their best friend! LOL

Yes, they are gay.

Anonymous said: So you and your blog are awesome. These people are just the stereotypes, typical lunafanatics blinded by their oh-so-straight 1D. Cmmon, they are so freakin gay. Question: Any plans of actually posting gay pics of them? Cos this is a freakin blog, and not a forum site or sumthin

Well, we make people’s asks into secrets. We’ve been on a bit of a break but I’m going to make some either tonight or tomorrow. :) Thank you, though anon. :)

Anonymous said: Seriously? Does it even really matter if they /actually/ are gay or not? It's fun to play around with. Just enjoy the fandom people. Nice blog :)

Thank you, anon :)

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amazaynjawaadmalik-deactivated2 said: Okay. I am 300% sure you are gay. Or you wish they were. But seriously, is it necessary to make a blog dedicated to calling them gay? you should be ashamed.

"Gay" is not an insult, darling. 

Hey everyone, look at the hate mail we got. 

Anonymous said: If you love 1D so fucking much then why did you create a Tumblr to slate them all the fucking time!

No one’s slating anyone on this tumblr. :)

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Anonymous said: I find it funny when you get hate mail saying it's rude to call the boys gay. Yeah, it's only rude if you're a homophobiac asshole. I think they are the one's being rude, not you. :)

Accurate. Thank you, anon!

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Anonymous said: listen, one direction isn't gay,&i honestly don't understand why people think they are. if you've ever seen jersey shore, you'd know that pauly d and vinny do the same thing as one direction, its called a bromance. if you saw the video of harry crying, its because assholes like YOU spread so many fake rumors about the poor guy. listen, you should know the golden rule, TREAT OTHERS HOW YOU WANNA BE TREATED. sorry if you think this is considered hate, i just wanted to get this off my chest.


I’m pretty sure that he was crying because he searched “Harry shit” after that Red or Black performance and saw people saying that he sucked. 

Anyway, yeah, they’re gay. You poor thing. It sucks being in denial, doesn’t it?

And you can’t preach about the golden rule and then call people assholes. It just doesn’t work, hun.

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